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What our Clients are saying


Crystal did a shoot of my husband and I, in my quaint brick laden town. It was just to get some professional yet casual pictures of us done to frame since we haven't had professional pictures since our wedding. She did amazing work, she has a great eye for style, lighting and poise.

Heather S.

_MG_0409 copy.jpg

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! They are beautiful. I love love them all!!

Jillian F.


Crystal is a Rockstar. We have found our photographer for life! She captured all the key moments of our event and the final results were just fabulous! We loved working with her.

Bicky D.


This was my first time working with Crystal and she is AMAZING. Very personable and easy going. I can't wait to work with her more in the future!

Sabrina S.


Worked with Crystal who was very professional and prepared. She had ideas and set ups ready but was also very comfortable adjusting and doing different shots as well. Good energy, kept a relaxed environment. Don't consider myself great at being photographed but this was an overall good experience, makes me want to do another shoot.

Brian W.

_MG_0900 copy.jpg

Thank you so much Crystal!

We love them so much and you were so great. I appreciate you helping so many of us :-)

Kristy R.

_MG_0331 copy.jpg
_MG_0275 copy.jpg
_MG_0249 copy.jpg

They are AMAZING! I'm in love.

Lyndsey B.

I was anxious when we started and completely relaxed when I left. So easy!

Felicity R.

Omg these are amazing! Thank you so much...I can't say thank you enough.

Rosalind M..



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